10 Of The Most Iconic Kits In Football History

over the years there have been exceptionally well-designed Football kits to utter failures. We have gone through the footballing history books to bring you 10 of the most iconic football kits, to the most bizarre creations to elegant masterpieces.
As with all top 10 lists, there are a few that didn’t make the cut but definitely deserved to, like the 2012 Lyon jersey or the 1992 Marseille Jersey.
So without further ado, here are my picks for the 10 most iconic footballing kits of all time.

10 – 1990 Ireland


World Cup 1990 Republic of Ireland vs Romania

That Celtic green with the elegant overlay has class written all over it. this particular jersey was worn for the 1990 World cup where Ireland had a pretty good run but were unfortunately knocked out by the Italians in the quarters.

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9-2014 Germany

Philip Lahm 2014 world cup
The Germans put up a masterclass in the 2014 world cup with their performance but their jersey didn’t fall very much behind either. The V design on the chest goes perfectly with the white kit making is a kit to remember.

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8- 1998 Mexico
1998 Mexico jersey

This jersey has to be in every top 10 list ever in my opinion. The tiki statue design on it makes it a truly unique kit.

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7- 1999 Barcelona Cenetenial edition jersey
1999 xavi
This Centennial edition jersey is a keeper for any Jersey collector, fan or not. The Symmetric design with the old school collars go hand in hand making this one, one of my favourites.

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6-1986 Argentina
1986 Maradona
It was in this jersey that the infamous “Hand of god” happened. A goal that would be remembered in footballing folklore for a long time.

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5- 1996 Barcelona

That Kappa overlay on the classic Blaugrana colours goes seamlessly well together. a classic.

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4- 2018 Atletico Madrid

One of my personal favourites. The stripe design with the common vertical red and white of the ros rojiblancos makes this a must have jersey

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3- 1998 Croatia Jersey

That Skewed Chequered design with the Croat colours makes this classic my pick for the 3rd best football kit of all time.

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2- Inter Milan Centennial edition jersey

The 2008 centenary editon jersey is a designer masterpiece. The red cross, the Italy crest on the middle, the red-white combo; Perfect.

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1- 1990 west Germany Jersey

Germans never dissapoint when it comes to designing jerseys. This Iconic 1990 World cup winners kit has to be one of the best-Designed kits of all time And makes my pick as THE best kit of all time.

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